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Why Choose To Have An Estate Sale

Estate Sales can produce great results financially! And are very helpful to folks downsizing to a smaller home, or when there is a large amount of unwanted quality goods due to the loss of a loved one. The Estate Sale maximizes the prices for items down to cleaning supplies and everyday items. The Estate Sale can also be a comfort to the family knowing that the property and items will be handled safely and professionally, with respect, and showcased in an attractive manner.

How Does It Work

Bonni and her Staff plans, organizes, researches, prices, advertises and runs the sale. Items will be priced to sell, from the “treasures” to the exotic and the ordinary. If there are some items remaining, we can assist you after the sale through donations or auction markets. The Estate Sale is promoted through our website, email list, and other media opportunities. The Sale runs 1-3 days depending on the volume and the staff prep work can take a week or longer depending on the volume of the items in the sale.

What is the Cost

There is no fee charged up front. The initial consultation and site visit are free. The Estate Sale cost is based on a percentage of gross sales with a reduced percent for high-end items such as cars, diamonds, etc. Expenses such as staff, supplies, advertising and other are included in the fee. Each sale has its own unique qualities taken into account when setting the fee, and our work begins with the signing of the sale agreement.

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